Cars Are Getting Smarter – Even Smarter Than You

img_edge_concept_036Just several years ago, cars didn’t use to have sophisticated rear cameras, sensors, radars, GPS, and futuristic software algorithms that will make the decisions for you. This means, automobiles are getting smarter and smarter in just a short span of time. Some of the smart features new cars have can even prove to be smarter than the driver.

Most of the features mentioned above are already in the cars people drive today, but there are smart technological advances the cars next year will have. Advances in the safety features are among the biggest things to anticipate in your car.

Here are some of the safety feature technological advances:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control. This feature will detect if a car in front of you is running far slower than you, and then it eases off your accelerator.


  • Collision sensor. This basically can sense if you are about to crash. It makes the brake stronger, or it brakes even before you do.


  • Tailgating warnings. It can calculate how far you are from the car in front of you, and then it will notify you through your dashboard if you are too close to that car.


  • Blind Spot. When a car gets in your blind spot, the car will notify you by turning your side mirror red.


  • Lane detector. If you are unexpectedly changing lanes in freeway speed, the camera detects the line and alerts you or nudges your car back to place.


  • Cross traffic warning. This feature uses a camera to show you if there are any barriers in your way.


Besides safety, other smart technological advances in cars include making it WiFi hotspots. Car manufacturers that may adopt this technology are GM, Hyundai and Audi. Just prepare some extra cash if you want your car to have some of these advance technological features.

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