Classic Cars Of Worth $18 Million Discovered In A French Barn

Every car collector’s dream is having an outstanding barn filled with luxurious classic cars. Surprisingly this dream became true for two motorcar specialists from auction house Artcurial Motorcars.

In the rural area of Western France, 60 collectors’ automobiles had been rotting away for as long as 50 years. They were tucked away in makeshift, cast iron cages and underneath outbuildings.

Obviously they were not in a good condition.

Such things happen rarely, it is quite unusual that for so many years these vintage cars remain hidden and nobody noticed them. Artcurial Motorcars successfully discovered this barn that have remained untouched for so many years. This is truly a great experience for them.

This fine collection is of French transportation mogul Roger Baillon, who faced hard times in the 70’s and had to sell his incredible car collection. But as he was a classic car lover he couldn’t sell all of his cars. Some of these cars are hard to recognize such as Hispano Suiza H6B cabriolet Millon Guiet.

With a new paint job and a great mechanic the cars could be developed with new parts. Talbot Lago T26 which has gone too far for authentic restoration can get the look that can possibly get a buyer.

talbot lago t26-new

Though the cars are rusted out they still shines, each car is a classic beauty and Cabriolet Saoutchik ex Roi Farouk is one of them.

This is the finest collection that one could ever imagine. It includes a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder, which was lost under a heap of magazines and also a 1956 Maserati A6G Gran Sport Frua which is one of the three ever made cars. Estimates for the sale of the Ferrari model alone could reach up to $14.74 million. This is one of only 37 that were produced.

ferrari 250 gt california swb-new

The found Maserati is one of only three made in the world and is expected to make $1.5 million.

All these profitable cars will be auctioned off in Paris the coming February by Artcurial.

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