EO2 Is a Smart Car That Changes Shape and Drive Sideways

As our modern cities get too crowded with cars, getting a parking space or driving in heavy traffic has become a significant challenge. That’s why you need a tiny and a flexible car that can squeeze in small spaces. The car is designed for crowded cities where parking in nearly non-existent and rush hours are nightmares.

EO2 is a tiny electric car that is ideal for individuals. It is very comfortable, has big windows and butterfly doors. The car has been developed by a team of researchers from Germany’s DFKI Robotics Innovation Center.

EO2 has four wheels all of which can rotate through 90 degrees to allow the car to drive sideways and even spin in a circle; this makes the car flexible enough to park in small spaces. Just like a crab, it can slide sideways into a parking slot with ease. Meaning that with EO2, you will not longer need to drive through the city searching for a parking space.

More flexibility is offered by its body that can compress from 8.2 feet to 4.9 feet because its panels can slide over each other. The car has a weight of only 1,653lb. It has an auto-navigation system to assist the driver.


The “Platoon” Concept

EO2’s auto-pilot can drive it safely and even park it autonomously on congested or narrow roads.
DFKI Robotics Innovation Center is currently working on “Platoon” concept that will allow many such cars to connect to each other to form a train of cars. Each EO2 car is designed to connect to another EO2 car. If you are a driver in such a platoon, you can switch the car to autonomous mode, take your hand off the wheel and relax as the car drives itself.

EO2 is still in prototype face, and the researchers have not disclosed when it will become commercially available to consumers. Those who have heard about it are eagerly waiting to lay their hands on it. The car gives enough evidence of how some innovations could lead to truly flexible and smart cars.

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