Every Car Must Have These Features

Your driving experience will badly be affected when one of these car features get impaired. These are not the main features of a car that make your vehicle work, but because of the modernization of the auto market, these features have become basic that driving won’t be complete without them.

  1. Smart Remote. Imagine getting in your car during a humid summer day, and because you have left your car for a long while under the heat, it would be very uncomfortable for you to step in your car with the hot temperature and sticky leather seats. But with the smart remote start, you can get into your car and find it already cool enough for your preferences.
  2. Cooled/Heated Seats. Heated or ventilated seats are not part of the car’s engine, but it is very important too for the driver and the passengers’ comfort. Infinite M and Audi A8 are some of the best cars that have this feature.
  3. Rear sensors and Backup camera. You don’t have to break your neck every time you back up. This feature is one of the futuristic technologies featured in sci-fi films about the year 2000 and up. These devices make driving extra easy.
  4. Navigation App or System. If your car does not have the navigation system, your smartphone or Android phone definitely has a navigation app. Even if your car is outdated, just pull out your smartphone and voila! You have a personal navi system.
  5. Multitasking input device. Your car should have Bluetooth, hands-free, and auxiliary input that incorporate all the other technological systems in your vehicle. This will make your phone calls, music listening, and other tasks easier in your car.

Yes, all of these features are there to provide comfort, but comfort is not only a privilege in these days competitive auto market; it is a necessity.

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