Fisker EMotion is the Next Electric Car to Compete with Tesla

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Last Updated: Jan 3, 2018

The automobile industry is a fast growing industry and in the case of cars, most manufacturers continue to introduce new models that feature unique attributes and enhanced capabilities that make transport with these machines much simplified that before. The contemporary trend in the automobile industry is electric cars which rival the traditional car models and Tesla is the pacesetter in this particular niche. Electric Tesla car models have gained popularity from the Tesla Roadster, the luxury Model S and the crossover Model X. However, Tesla is not the only electric car model that is looking to transform the automobile industry and might be facing stiff competition from Fisker EMotion by Fisker Inc.

EMotion model

The EMotion car model is an upcoming electric car that is being designed by Danish automobile care designer, Henrik Fisker, the architect behind Fisker Karma model that graced the automobile market five years ago. The upcoming EMotion model features some contrasting features from the previous Tesla cars both in terms of functionality and general appearance.

The pricing however is expected to be similar to that of a saloon Tesla car. However, the most anticipated feature of EMotion is its 400 mile range. The car will cover more than 400 miles on full charge, the first sedan of its kind to feature such an amazing feat.

The design

The EMotion model’s most noticeable feature is its butterfly door structure that opens from a dihedral angle allowing an easy entry and exit from the car. Though this door system is unique it might bring complications when it comes to packing in spaces with low ceilings but this is still an abstract idea and there is still room for future adjustments before it hits the market.

The vehicle’s windscreen will also be enhanced and will feature a curved frontal structure that easily synchronizes with its low bonnet design. The cars posterior overhangs to allow more room for internal components. The rear end has been fitted with a spoiler to give it that sporty look. In overall, the EMotion is set to have an amazing look with a sculptural design and improved aerodynamic capabilities.

EMotion models

Functional capabilities

Besides the visual appeal of any automobile vehicle, the most important aspect however, is its functional abilities. There is no point in a vehicle to boast of an incredible and sleek body design if it cannot perform to the required standards. On that note therefore, EMotion has some interesting much anticipated features to enhance its performance.

According to its designer, Henrik Fisker, this upcoming model will be in a position to achieve a top speed of 260 kilometers per hour. This also translates to 161 miles per hour and of course, as already mentioned, it will also cover a distance of 400 miles on a full charge unlike typical electric cars that can cover an approximated 200-300 miles.

Another intriguing functional aspect of this model is the fact that it will be fitted with a fully equipped autonomous driving hardware. This means that the model will be ‘self driven’ and will not require a driver to be present in the driver’s seat for the car to maneuver around. The lowered windscreen is in an effort to make the car more aerodynamic. The car will also be powered by an electric power train that uses battery stacks from Nanotech Energy Inc.


The fact that this upcoming model will travel at 161 miles per hour and cover a distance of 400 miles will be a major breakthrough for Fisker Inc. in the automobile market. This will make itthe first luxury electric sedan of its kind to make that accomplishment. This also mean that it will have possibly set a new record that will take some time before fierce rivals such as Tesla and General Motors surpass it, if they try to.

Production and release

Little is known about EMotion’s manufacture and release dates. For the record, though, the designer has hinted about the car’s production location to be located in the United States at an already constructed facility. Completed model designs are set to be unveiled to the market in 2017 with the exact month or date yet to be determined. The actual production, though, is a complete mystery. This means that automobile consumers will have to wait a bit longer in order to catch a glimpse of the first actual Fisker EMotion car model.

EMotion's manufacture


Just like the manufacturing details of the EMotion is not known, so is the price. However, it has been hinted that this upcoming car model will cost similar to Tesla’s saloon models, specifically the Model S 60 and Model S P100D. The former costs £55000 while the latter goes for around £118000. The Fisker EMotion is therefore expected to fall in between this price range.

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The Fisker EMotion is promising invention by Fisker Inc. If any of the features it is set to have anything to go by, it will certainly be a transforming model in the automobile industry. Current car manufacturers are looking to improve user experience as much as possible and Fisker Inc.’s EMotion’s 400-mile range and autonomous driving capability are just the cornerstones of such a feat.

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