Introducing the American-built Rezvani Beast

Custom supercars are all about the best track performance.

A lot of automakers have tried to introduce their digital designs, but only a chosen few were able to take off and create a big business out of supercars. These successful automakers include Pagani and Keonigsegg.

However, there is another brave automaker that will attempt to take a shot at the world’s supercar elite circle. That is the California-based Rezvani Automaker Designs with their latest Rezvani Beast.

Rezvani Automotive Designs founder Fardees Rezvani designed the new Rezvani Beast. He also claims to have contributed to the design of Vencer’s Sarthe supercar, which is one of the supercars that were able to make it to production in 2013.

The 3-D design was created by Ferrari World Design Contest finalist Samir Sadikhov.

The Rezvani Beast takes its inspiration from the Ariel Atom sports car, which has a stylish and lightweight carbon fiber for body, slender headlights, aggressive rear diffuser, and comfortable interior.

The Beast’s windshields are fully removable. It also has an Alcon competition quality brakes behind its 19-inch PUR alloy wheels. All Beast versions will have a roll cage and a size-speed manual that has a limited slip differential.

The Beast 300 is a 1,470-pound supercar in basic trim and is powered by 316 horsepower with a 2.0 turbocharged four-cylinder. That engine can make the vehicle go to 60 mps in not more than 3 seconds.

The Beast 500 is a 1,550-pound supercar with 500 horsepower and 2.4-liter supercharged engine. This supercar can make Ferraris and Lamborghinis eat its dust since it can crank to 60 mph in just 2.7 seconds.

Fardees Rezvani said in his statement to Yahoo Autos that they wanted to bring it back to the basics where the raw feeling is still around, have a true tactile feedback, and a lightweight chassis. This is why the supercar is based on the Atom. Fardees believes the Rezvani Beast will be very appealing to road drivers.

Composite body maker N2A motors will help Rezvani Automotive Designs mold the carbon fiber body of the car. N2A being a well reputable concept car builder will use CNC milling, CAD Design and 3D printing to mold the Beast’s carbon fiber body.

The Best will be sold at a lower “Launch Edition” prices. The Beast 300 will be $99,500, while the Beast 500 is $124,000. After this rate, $20,000 more will be added to the prices of the cars.


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