Look Wealthy, Spend Less With These Cars

If you read financial guides to become truly rich, you know that in order to be really wealthy, you have to learn how to spend less. However, if you just can’t help wanting to look like a million dollars, there are some strategies to make it look like you own the “baddest” car out there.

You don’t have to spend quarter million dollars just to afford a car that would help you pick up girls easily without even saying a thing. The truth is, for only $30,000, you can already by head turning cars that would definitely boost your ego. These cars can help you close sales deal easier, because your client will think you really are, well, rich.

Choose the exotic ones

The Lotus Elise can easily raise you to a higher status in a society that judges you with the property that you own. These cars are rarely seen on the streets, which makes it look life a rap superstar’s car. However, you can actually purchase a second hand Elise for only $30,000.


Besides the Elise, you can also try the Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS. If you have $35,000 to spare, you cam get yourself a Ferrari. Whether second hand or an older model, a Ferrari is a Ferrari. When you park it next to a BMW, Mercedes, or an Audi, people will definitely look at the Ferrari.


Something recognisable

From afar people can easily spot if you are driving a Porsche. You can buy a second-hand, 10-year-old Porsche for only $9,000. Try the convertible one so that people will see who the driver is. You don’t have to be buffed or slim to be sexy if you are in a Porsche convertible, because you will look like a rock star with it.


You can also buy the Hummer. A year 2000 H2 or H3 model will only cost you $15,000, but will definitely make you look as rich as 50 Cent.


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