Most notable limos in history

The next US president will be riding a new presidential limo that has a lot of new and better features compared to Obama’s Cadillac limousine “The Beast,” introduced to him last 2009. Limousines have been an important part of the history. With the presidential car getting a remake, it would be best to know the most remarkable limos in history.

Other than that, here are the most notable limousines in history:

Al Capone’s Cadillac. Scarface has a 1928 Cadillac with bulletproof glass and thick armour plating. It also has easy handling, just to make sure the boss escapes the police and tax attorneys. When Capone was caught, the car was impounded. President Franklin D Roosevelt later on used it in December 1941 because it has enough features needed to protect the president.

The 1960 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 of the King Elvis Presley, was customized by George Barris, the creator of the Batmobile. It was designed with 40 coats deep paint, it has diamond dusts, pearls, and even exotic fish scale.

Bentley Motors presented the State Limousine to Queen Elizabeth II in her Golden Jubilee in 2002. It has an emblem of St George slaying the dragon instead of the Flying B on the front of the car.

The Popemobile was created in 1978, and it became bullet proof in 1981. It usually is a Mercedes-Benz, but Pope Francis uses a Ford Focus.

Russia’s ZiL or Zavod Imeni Likhachova makes trucks and military vehicles to name a few. It also makes limos for high-level politicians, and the latest is President Vladimir Putin’s limo.

In 1965, John Lennon got himself a Rolls-Royce Phantom V, and he turned it into something “psychedelic.”

Norma Desmond had an Isotta Fraschini that caught the eyes of Paramount Studios. It became an instant classic.

Obama’s “The Beast,” which is a Cadillac limo from General Motors is the most distinguished car in history so far. It has unbelievable defensive features that ensure the president’s safety.

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