One does not simply categorize BMW i8

BMW i8 is too futuristic making it difficult for people to categorize and describe it.

People try to describe it as a post-petroleum brand, sci-fi showpiece, ultra light-carbon fiber car, parts-bin engineering, canyon racer, Malibu uber-winged chariot, etc. This car is a $136,625 car for the moguls of Silicon Valley.

This car has a straightforward hardware with a stiff and lightweight carbon-fiber structure for its central passenger shell.

It has an aluminium skeleton that has the capacity to hold 7.1-kilowatt hour from its lithium-ion battery pack located in its spine.

It has an electric drive section, which is basically the same with the BMW i3 in the front. It has 131 horsepower electric motor while the front wheels have a 2-speed automatic transmission driving. Its rear is powered by its 3-cylinder twin-turbocharged 231-horsepower engines with its 6-speed automatic transmission.

It has a thermoplastic multilayered skin that makes it lighter than steel by half. To save more weight, it has aluminium wiring with a chemically hardened glass that is very thin. Those factors keep the weight of the car to only 3,267 pounds.

It has light long doors that swing up and forward as if it signals a touchdown. It has a compact but comfortable interior. However, tall people may need a little more legroom just to fit this car.

It is a bit difficult getting in and out of the car, especially with its wide sill, low seat, and sliding in just to get to your seat.

You can choose the personality of the car with its driving-mode feature. The “comfort” keeps the car up to 37 mph in electric mode. Meanwhile the eDrive keeps the speed on 75 mph until it runs out of battery.

This car can bring its passenger from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds with a top speed of 155 mph.

If the i8 represents what cars will be in the future, then the auto industry has a very bright future.

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