• Cars

    Top 9 Affordable 3-Row Seat SUVs

    If you are starting your own family, it would be great to have a spacious car for transporting your children to school as you head to the office. Starting a family also means managing your finance properly. You don’t... Read More

  • Cars

    Top 10 most-stolen cars in America

    It is surprising to note that the most-stolen cars are not those poshest luxury models or the flashiest sports cars but the familiar family cars. The message will be chilling if you own any of these models that are... Read More

  • Cars

    Here is FourSixteen, a model faster and more slippery than Tesla Model S

    If you thought that Tesla Model S had an unbeatable speed, you are in for a rude shock. Steve Saleen, the owner of Saleen Automotive says a new model called FourSixteen will be faster. Tesla Model S sprints to... Read More

  • Cars

    World’s Most Reliable SUVs

    An SUV’s reliability is measured by the warranty claims statistic of the manufacturer. These include how frequently the car goes wrong, how much you have to pay for the repair costs, how fast can it be repaired and the... Read More

  • Cars

    Car Design Icons According To Aston Martin Designer

    Cars are not just for transportation. Some of them are icons that define a year or an entire decade. Aston Martin design chief Marek Reichman has something to say about some of the most iconic cars in history. Since... Read More

  • Cars

    “Google Glass” for your car

    Statistics show many road accidents occur when the driver tries to reach his/her phone while driving thereby losing concentration. Reaching out for your phone when you hear it ring or when a message alert comes in is common to... Read More

  • uber-car-sharing


    Uber announces car-sharing service to save even more on taxis

    Uber is looking for more ways to save money on cab rides, announcing the new UberPool service. The new car-sharing service will allow one passenger to hop into a cab with another person on a similar route and split... Read More

  • Cars

    An electric car built by students beat Tesla in speed

    Tesla has been overthrown by Sunswift’s eVe, an electric car that has been designed by Australian university students. eVe set a new world record for faster average speed knocking over 60mph over 310 miles on a single battery charge.... Read More

  • Cars

    Nissan’s Fastest Cars

    Nissan is one of the most popular vehicle manufacturing companies in the world. This giant vehicle company produces pickup trucks, SUVs, sports cars and different kinds of sedans. Nissan was founded in 1933. It first produced the Datsun vehicles;... Read More

  • Expensive Ferrari


    Which Car Is Set To Become the World’s Most Expensive Ferrari?

    Do you still think a Ferrari 250 GT Lusso or an Aston martin DB4 set record for the world’s most expensive car? Well, think again! Here is another rare classic car Ferrari 275 GTB Completizione Speciale which is being... Read More


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