Tesla Model 3 Electric Car Unveiled for the Masses

Do you know Tesla? The company who is making bioenergy and electric products, mostly cars? I’m sure you do. The company’s CEO, Elon Musk, has announced in the quarterly earnings conference call on May 6 that the company is working on a new electric car that will be affordable to customers.

This new car will be the Tesla Model 3, which will cost roughly 35000 American Dollars. This is half of the price than one of the other (flagship) cars of the company, the spacious Tesla Model S.

The New Electric Car Of Tesla

The Model 3 will be expected to be around 20 percent smaller than the much bigger Model S. This will make the manufacturing of the car even more cost-efficient. No need for a bigger engine, doors, and so on. 35000 Dollars, however, is a big sum and most people can’t afford it, but this price of the car will motivate end users to invest in it, since the car is fully electric, so there’s no need for diesel or petrol in order for the car to go smoothly on the streets. This not only means that if you buy this car you are supporting the environment around you, but you can even spare tons of money since you don’t have to purchase any petrol or gasoline for your car.

Just imagine, you won’t stop at the gas station for petrol or for diesel or for any specific ways to load your vehicle with fuel. No, you will not stop for that. You will only stop for a recharge of the battery. There have been big announcements in the tech world about the new type of chargers that are much more efficient than the ones that we are currently using. There have been inventions on the battery side too. This could mean that the time of electric cars has come. Now, if you buy an electric car and the battery has run low, you need, obviously, to recharge it. Nowadays, that can take much time. The fastest charger station can charge the battery of your vehicle in 30 minutes, but that is so much time. In today’s world, you can’t even afford 30 of your precious minutes to charge your car. However, if faster chargers will come there will be chances that your car’s battery will be fully loaded within 1-2 minutes. Wouldn’t that be great? Of course it would!

Electric Cars VS Normal Ones

Normal cars, you know the ones that we are currently using, the ones that need petrol or diesel in order to work? Yes, those cars consume too many materials that are really depleted in the world. Oil prices are quite high at the moment (not in Russia, however) and if you want to sit in your car and drive to work or to school, you need to buy fuel in order to do that. What if I would say that you don’t need that for your car? What if every vehicle in the world wouldn’t consume materials that could be depleted? What if the environment could benefit from us? These questions sound quite idealistic, however, all of these could be achieved if humanity decides to change. We need to change in the energy we are consuming currently. We need to use electricity or the power of the sun (solar energy) for our devices. If we would do that we could save our environment.

Electric Cars VS Normal Ones

By saving the environment, I am not talking only about nature, since that’s most people are associating when they hear the expression. No, I am talking about both nature, the flora and the fauna, the humans, everybody and everything that or who is living on the planet. If we could decrease the pollution that we create, we could make our lives longer since pollution decreases the strength of our immune system, which leads to earlier death. This could be avoided by using electricity and solar energy as our main power sources instead of gas and oil. Tesla and other enlightened companies are making products that are using these bio powers instead of oil and gas.

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