Tesla Model 3 Prototypes Spotted in Public

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Last Updated: Oct 9, 2017

Tesla Motors, named after the physicist Nikola Tesla, has evolved from an innovative concept to a motoring giant in less than 15 years (it was founded back in 2003). In such a short period of time, Tesla became a reputable car manufacturer, bringing us electric vehicles that help save the planet and gives us the futuristic vibe at the same time. There’s always a dose of mystery when it comes to Tesla Motors cars, and the Model 3 is not the exception. So, the fact that the prototypes were spotted in public is a big deal.

Tesla Model 3 Prototypes In Public

Tesla Model 3 Prototypes In Public
In June 2016, the very first sighting of Tesla Model 3 in public was posted on YouTube. The video shows the much-anticipated car driving on Interstate 280 in California. In the video footage, we have the opportunity to see a matte black Model 3 prototype escorted by two Model S cars. So, it is easy to conclude that Tesla employees and engineers were test driving the new model to make sure everything works smoothly.

For quite some time there were no sightings of Model 3, but recently two other YouTube users have spotted the cars in public and shared the footage on their accounts. As the time to the big unveil and presentation of Tesla Model 3 is coming close, Elon Musk’s team has stepped up with the testing stage to avoid any malfunctions.

On May 25, 2017, the video posted on YouTube shows a white Model 3 prototype on the highway crossing the San Mateo Bridge. Although the footage itself is not spectacular, it gives us a minute-long sneak peek into the brand new Tesla Model. Judging by the comments under the video, the sophisticated design appeals to the general public some of them even describing the car’s appearance sexy.

The very next day, May 26, local news anchor Raj Mathai spotted red Model 3 about one mile from Tesla Motors headquarters in Palo Alto. He posted the video to his Twitter profile.

What Do We know About Tesla Model 3?

What Do We know About Tesla Model 3
According to the official website of Tesla Motors, the production of Model 3 will start mid-2017 while the delivery estimate for new reservations is mid-2018 or later. The presentation of the new model will be held before the production begins, as usual. With the price of $35,000, the goal of this manufacturer was to make fully electric cars more accessible to the mass market. At this point, the premium Model S makes Tesla Motors more of a luxury brand for people who live in the cities with numerous charging stations.

About a year ago when Elon Musk announced the production of the most important Tesla’s vehicle, Model 3, he also announced that the electric five-seater would accelerate as fast as the best-selling luxury sports sedans currently available on the US market (Mercedes C class, BMW 3 series).

This announcement wasn’t made to make the new car more appealing and get the media attention, but Musk’s efforts to beat the competition.

Popular entrepreneur and engineer ramped up production plans with the goal to not only match the performance of top luxury brands but outsell them on the US soil within a year. How they plan to do that? Musk explained the company is placing orders with suppliers for 1000 cars a week in July 2000 in August, and 4000 a week in September. Then, their plan is to increase the production to 5000 cars a week by the end of the year and 10,000 by the end of 2018.

Analysts say that selling that many $35,000 sedans in the US would be unprecedented given the current status of car markets and based on how people spend their much-earned money, but it is not impossible. Regardless of your take on the ambitious goal regarding Model 3, one thing is for certain – Tesla is redefining how cars are designed, built, sold, and updated.

Skipping Beta?

It is assumed Tesla will skip the beta. The rumors started circulating after Elon Musk took to his Twitter profile to share a six-second video captioned “ the first drive of a release candidate version of Model 3”.

The term “release candidate” is typically used in the software industry to refer to a final version that is almost ready for public release. Skipping beta won’t be such a shocker if we take into consideration the number of cars Tesla plans to sell in order to beat other brands in the US.

Car manufacturers usually spend about 6 months testing beta cars before rollouts, but it looks like Elon Musk opted to skip this step and moved on to developing test vehicles (those you saw on the videos above) using the exact same equipment that will be utilized for mass production. So, if the speculations are true it could mean the production has already started.

Model 3 Facts

Model 3 Facts

  • Model 3 will combine real world range, performance, safety and spaciousness
  • 215 miles range per charge
  • This Sedan is Tesla’s most affordable vehicle yet
  • Seating for 5 adults
  • Under 6 seconds zero to 60 mpH
  • 5-star safety rating
  • Autopilot hardware
  • Supercharging


Tesla Model 3 comes at an affordable price and it is considered as the most important car made by this manufacturer. Test cars were already spotted in public and videos show an elegant design that most people will consider purchasing.


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