Tesla Model S Just Keep Getting Better and Pricier

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Last Updated: Apr 20, 2016

Tesla being a motor industry introduced a new brand that is model S. They have really improved it by making it more reliable and become the best in the market. The users can now be guaranteed of no failure since the new model S is so amazing.

The following are ways in which Tesla keeps making the modes better and pricier

  • Model S has unparalleled performance which is delivered through Tesla which enables it to accelerate from 0-60mph in as little as 2.8 seconds. This helps your drive to be enjoyable, safe and stress free.
  • This model S is also in all electric power train which has auto pilot capabilities, which enable the passengers to also trust the ride with no fear of careless and unexpected accidents.
  • Tesla has ensured that model S has HEPA Air Filter. This helps you be sure that while in this car, there is no possibility of you getting disease caused by polluted air. HEPA air filter ensures that 99.97% of bacteria, particulate exhaust pollution, all allergens and contaminants from cabin air are removed.
  • Model S has bio-weapon mode which creates positive pressure inside the cabin and protect all inside. In this case this is an assurance of safety to those who fear traveling and is helping to increase sellers. To guarantee you that your model S is in good condition they allow you to have a test drive before you purchase.
  • There is presence of Adaptive lighting i.e. full LED adaptive headlamps which assure you safety in the dark. They are helpful especially in the rainy and misty night since they improve visibility reducing chances of accidents. In areas where during the winter there is ice and snow these lights do not die and also keep you warm while inside.
  • Presence of model S 17 touch screen makes Model S digital and of great help to the user. The following are the functions you can perform using the touch screen:
    • Communication.
    • Opening the all glass panoramic roof.
    • Controlling cabin and vehicle data.
    • Customizes the automatic climate control.
    • Radio station tuning.

    Tesla Model S Electric Car

  • Tesla has made model S better and better by making sure that you access internet through on-demand internet radio. This Model S has Bluetooth and USB devices that will keep you off from the trouble of buying others separately. You are also assured a good time by the presence of AM/FM/HD whereby you can listen to the best station you wish.
  • It has the ability of changing lanes by just a tap of the turn signal. You are assured of no struggle to do it manually therefore, when in a hurry no you will be able to spend the leas time possible and avoid being late.
  • Have an autopark mode whereby it scans itself for parking space and parks on command. Model S has an electrical-wheel drive i.e. dual motor and the single motor which depends on your choice. The dual motor has one motor on the front and the other on the rear side. It has the ability to digitally control torque to the front and rear wheels which brings a result of unparalleled traction control in all situations.
    Tesla Model S Car
  • Convectional all wheel drive cars have the ability to employ very complex mechanical linkages which distribute from only one engine to all four wheels. It makes model S efficient and reliable in all weather conditions. Model S is also light enabling the user to use less of his/her energy while handling it.
  • It has a backup camera that helps the user to be safe and is also optimized for visibility. There is a calendar that will always help you be up to date and avoid struggling on checking the day, month or the date.
  • Google maps are available in model S ensuring you are following the right direction. There are no chances for you getting lost or following longer direction when a shorter one exists. You are also able to pass the route with less traffic saving you the pain of losing fuel in stagnant traffic.
  • Tesla has ensured model S has a Bluetooth enabled phone that helps you keep updated. This is a voice controlled hands free enabling the user to communicate easily.

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All the above are ways in which Tesla has helped model S become better and better. All features are attractive to customers creating very high demand of this model. Perhaps it should be the next thing that should be in your budget.

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