Uber announces car-sharing service to save even more on taxis

Uber is looking for more ways to save money on cab rides, announcing the new UberPool service. The new car-sharing service will allow one passenger to hop into a cab with another person on a similar route and split the cost of the taxi.

This could lead to awkward situations, even Uber has acknowledged the possibility, but calls it a “bold social experiment”. The car-sharing will go into beta in a few states where car-pooling is legal and should be in testing stage for a few months.


It is an interesting system that rewards people who are willing to share a spot in their cab, in return for a cheaper ride. Uber claims UberX users already save 40 percent on travel and UberPool could give users another 40 percent of normal taxi fairs.

UberPool will offer discounts even if the cab rider does not find another person who wants to share the cab. This might give users incentive to try the service, just in case they manage to get a discount without actually sharing the cab ride with anyone.

Feedback will be needed to push the car-sharing service forward. Hopefully car riders in the United States take interest, as this could expand into other countries and move to other services like Lyft and Sidecar, two of Uber’s rivals.

Uber is still the king when it comes to mobile cabs – a market that continues to grow, as more people find out they can pay for a cab ride with their phone. Uber launched in Europe recently, but got a rather sour reception from various cap drivers all over the continent.

Source: Uber

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