Vehicle To Vehicle Communication Expected In The Near Future

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Last Updated: May 17, 2017

Technology is making what we thought as impossible possible. From wearable tech to self-driving vehicles, we are now seeing communication between two vehicles on the same road. Starting with the Cadillac CTS 2017 sedan release, it is said that the vehicle has the power to communicate with a similar vehicle over a short distance. It is evident that future is finally here and that soon, we will be expecting vehicles or cars to speak to one another.

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication

This is the technology that is being used to ensure communication in the cars. The main reason for its invention and the desired need to implement and see to its success is to limit the number of deaths that occur through car accidents each year. Just the other day, autonomous vehicles had the technology or platform that allowed them to have a clear view of what the other cars in front and at the back are doing and stop or maneuver itself in order to avoid a collision. However, this specific technology promotes communication allowing vehicles to improve safety on the road much more.

How It Works?

How It Works

This technology is said to have researched and documented for a long time. Also, it has used up a lot of funds that were channeled towards intelligent transportation technology and inventions. With the Cadillacs communication capability, the technology is now achieving success. It can communicate with another vehicle located in 1000 foot radius with over 1000 messages in each single passing second.

Communication is dependent on the situation on the road. If calm, the vehicles just pose greeting and notify each other of their positions. In case of trouble, the vehicle will issue a warning such as “my air bags have deployed”. This alerts the other vehicle to a specific hardship with a certain vehicle urging its drivers to be careful. It is an effective way of avoiding and preventing accidents or collisions between vehicles.


Since the development of this specific technology began a long time ago, it was expected to grace the roads earlier as well. In 1990, the FCC set aside a technology spectrum of 5.9GHz meant to develop it. However, the technology didn’t pick up till now. Technological entities now own the spectrum but that is not a huge challenge with the availability of the 5G network capabilities.

Coverage will offer a huge challenge as the network is not fully developed and the kinks smoothened out. It is not accessible to the whole population and will take the time to reach all. Furthermore, a lot of infrastructural updates have to be implemented and executed before it takes full effect. However, the short range communication is a powerful option that ensures communication continues amongst vehicles.



Similar to lidar technology, the platooning effect where a single driver has the ability to drive, regulate and control two trucks at the same time, these technologies are designed to save lives on the road by preventing accidents from happening. Of course an added swag, elevated vehicle status and above all pride for the owner, the vehicle technologies are designed to ensure personal convenience, better safety conditions and minimized vehicle accidents in the long run. Furthermore, it is important to explore transport technologies, intelligence levels and use the finding to better improve our road safety while protecting the people or the general public.

Should You Buy the Vehicle?

This is dependent on your current needs and uses. However, if purchasing it for the advanced technology it uses, you are a bit too early. This is due to the fact that it can only communicate with others of the same make and not the others. Chances are it won’t be useful to you now as it will be in the near future. For convenience and safety of use, you may consider getting it.

Risks Involved

Yu may decide to get the vehicle and the technology becomes obsolete or dormant in the near future. Instead of it being adopted, it is disregarded and termed to be irrelevant. Furthermore, artificial intelligence is making much more headway than a vehicle to vehicle communication and the Lidar cameras are still out there offering competition on all angles. Self- driving cars are also a challenge and a competition for the vehicle to vehicle communication as they are all designed with the same purpose in mind i.e. safety and improved convenience levels.

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Advancing technology is definitely offering us much to think about. Currently, it just occurred that the Cadillac might be lonely with no one to talk to. Then the tech should be used to provide a few other vehicle models for the vehicle to complete a conversation. The real question is not about loneliness but about the public opinion, their desire, and their needs when it comes to a specific vehicle. Is it the advanced technology including the vehicle to vehicle communication or what it will take to transmit and adapt to using such machinery or vehicles. It is important to find out more from the users than the producers.

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