Volkswagen Beetle for Global Rally Cross – Not Cute

Yes, the Volkswagen Beetle for the Global Rally Cross won’t be that cute friendly-looking car anymore; this time it will be angry. Just how angry? 544 horsepower angry.

That speed is expected when you enter the world of Global Rally Cross. Volkswagen’s Andretti Rall Cross team will be competing on the tracks with their white hot Beetle in the Red Bull GRC championship, with Michael Andretti running the team.

Beetles are small cute cars; even its engine is not intimidating to the usual motorist. But not the Volkswagen Beetle of Andretti’s team. It has a 1.6-litre four cylinder engine that is turbo charged to its maximum level and is very much intercooled. This type of engine brings the attention catching 544hp. It also includes a six-speed gearbox in sequential order just to promote good measure. The car features an all-wheel-drive system that has a fixed ratio that has a multi-plate slip diffs that are limited at the front and back.

If that is not yet enough, here are other features that prove it is the angrier version of the Volkswagen Beetle:

It has ZF dampers, 17 inch wheels, and 14 inch diameter front complemented by an 11.8 inch rear brakes with four-pot callipers that are aluminium. It also has a monstrous rear wing.

Since it is designed to race, it has a bigger built compared to the ordinary Beetle weighing at 2,668 lbs, which makes it bigger but lighter than the 300lbs ordinary Beetle.

These are amazing characteristics, but one really jaw-dropping feature of the car is how it can get to 60mph from 0 in just 2.1 seconds.

TG USA host and driver Tanner Foust said he can’t wait to have a go at the monster of a car Volkswagen Beetle, which he expects would be better than the Beetle they tried at Los Angeles last year.

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