You will run out of superlative adjectives for “LaFerrari”

It is not a Ferrari LaFerrari nor is it a Ferrari F150. No, it is not a truck. It is the LaFerrari, just “LaFerrari.”

At $1.4 million, the 2014 addition of Ferrari, the LaFerrari, could easily be anybody’s dream car. There are some who enjoy flaunting their luxury super cars in the streets for the public to see.

But the LaFerrari is not for the public roads and highways. It is designed solely for the track; designed to break speed limits allowed by law in public roads. It can easily compete with Formula 1 cars. It is even more powerful with 950 horsepower and 715 lb-ft.

It has a 6.2 liter V-12 engine that gives the hyper car 789 at 9000 rpm. It can rev up with an additional 250 rpm, including a 516 lb-ft at 6750. This is the same engine in the Ferrari F12Berlinetta, but it is slightly boosted in the LaFerrari. The F12Berlinetta is 200 lbs heavier than LaFerrari at 3,131 lbs.

It has the “traction e-motor” which lies between the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and engine. This e-motor brings 161 more hp and an additional 199 lb-ft worth of mechanical twist. A 2.3-kWh lithium-ion battery pack energizes this booster motor, which provides strong forward thrust to the V-12’s lower rev range.

This car has excellent aerodynamics design to efficiently complement its powerful engine and top speed run. It has under body vents and fully functional front air inlets. At the back, it has a remarkable air-brake system. Its design provides a downforce with no additional drag, which makes it very strong and blatant during its high speed run.

It has a fully adjustable steering wheel. You can find a level under the driver’s seat that releases the pedal set, allowing the driver to adjust it using his or her leg. The brake, the throttle pedal, and the whole operation are quite easy to use.

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