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China has built Anti-Drone Laser Technology

The official Xinhua news agency reported that China has developed an anti-drone laser tech that can shoot down a low flying drone within a radius of two kilometers.

The technology has been co-developed by the China Academy of Engineering Physics (CAEP). They claim that they can shoot down small scale drones within 5 seconds of the system locking on.

Laser technology increases the accuracy with which drones can be blasted out of the sky. It is better that the methods that use either interception by helicopters or using snipers.

The technology has been tested with more than 30 drones and it yielded a 100-percent success rate.

China Anti-Drone Laser Technology

According to CAEP, the system will be installed or transported in vehicles and will be used to bolster security during “major events in urban areas.”

The drones to be terminated by the laser must be within an altitude of 500 meters and flying at a speed below 50 meters per second. There are lasers with greater power and range that are being developed by the Academy.

China Anti-Drone Laser Technology

The Academy is developing the lasers to combat the risk posed by the easy to use drone tech being misappropriated by terrorists to threaten national security or public safety.

The United States military has also been testing an anti-drone laser which is being developed by Boeing (see the video below). This High Energy Laser is intended to shoot down artillery, mortar round and rockets not drones.

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