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Colin Furze builds a suit to turn himself into a human fireworks display

Colin Furze has been described as a mad scientist because of his ‘crazy’ ideas. This time round he has built himself a suit that can help him to see what it is like to be inside a fireworks display.

Fireworks produce very spectacular displays but at the same time they are very dangerous. To have a feel of what fireworks are let’s look at just one type called the sparkler.

Sparkler burns slowly while producing sparks, colored flames and other effects. In the U.K. it is often used by kids at fireworks and bonfire displays on Guy Fawkes Night while in the U.S. it is mainly used on Independence Day celebrations.


A report from the National Council on Fireworks safety in 2009 indicated that sparkers are responsible for 16 percent of injuries in the U.S. related to fireworks.


The sparkers burn at temperatures as high as 1000 degrees Celsius! And to imagine that this is what Colin Furze has built a suit to be into is quite mesmerizing.
Colin Furze is also remembered for building the famous Wolverine claws and the shoes that would let the wearer walk on the ceiling.

Wolverine claws

Wolverine claws

Watch the video here:

Another one of his bizarre creation is the wrist-worn flamethrows. As many have warned many times, do not try anything that Colin Furze does in his spare time.

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