Google Chrome Finally Comes Up With Copyless Paste Update

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Last Updated: Apr 28, 2017

Internet browsers form the fastest and easiest connections when surfing, searching for essential information or checking out detailed business, company or personal information. However, it sometimes is challenging to use internet browsers as a result of complicated function processes, size of the screen when using mobile phones or logging in to unsecure locations that imitate secure sites. With such challenges, many internet website companies are coming up with new ways to ease the use of their browsers. Google is not being left behind and it is expected to unveil one of the advanced updates solving some of the prominent issues you face each day when using their browser i.e. Google chrome.

Copy and Pasting

This is a functionality that is highly complicated and quite annoying especially when using a phone with a minute display or screen. In addition, it is can be troublesome and tricky to obtain the information you need through this specific functionality if using a tablet or a phone compared to using laptops or PCs. When selecting specific details or information such as words, letters or numbers, it is even more difficult than anticipated.

Google is set to offer a simplified means of copying and pasting informationwith its new Google chrome update. No more struggle between your fingers and the phone screen with the chrome update. The chrome mobile application is set to receive the update first and it can be witnessed how chrome aims to make copying and pasting simplified or easier than imagined.

Copy and Pasting

Copyless Paste

This is the new feature being introduced to the chrome software with the most recent Google Chrome update. The software update or feature has already been released for people using android smart phones and other android devices. If you own any of these devices that run on android, you will be able to see and use the new feature on your device according to the technical news media Venture beat.

How Copyless Paste Works

The copyless paste feature works by allowing you to copy information when using the chrome software and paste it into other applications that are from Google. Let’s say that a chrome user was checking the different mall locations and is interested in purchasing a certain type of shoe. Chrome allows you to open the websites, check into your desired online shopping mall, stall or company and once you have completed the search and you move to another application such as Google maps, it offers you the opportunity to check out the company by automatically suggesting the name of the company in your search criteria. All you have to do is press enter on the search bar. With this, you are assured that all the information and research you have don does not go to waste but remain with you even if you open another page.

How Copyless Paste Works

Copyless Paste Storage

Many are the times that we worry about the storage space on our devices and whether or not the information is transmitted to the Google. Well according to Google, copyless paste information is stored locally and is never transmitted to the company. This ensures privacy of your information and you retain the freedom to do with the information as you wish.

Incognito Tabs

Copyless paste is designed to work with verified chrome browser tabs and therefore, won’t work if using any of your own incognito tabs. Furthermore, any information present in such a tab will be hidden from view and will remain like that till the connection is verified. However, the feature is still being worked on and the release is set to have all functionalities on a smooth platform and is expected to be in combination with the most recent Google Chrome browser version.


Even with Google working as hard to improve such features, Apple has already released a similar feature. However, Apple’s feature is not for all documents but for specific areas such as texts or unique and specific information such as addresses. Therefore, Google’s rollout is expected to take the market by storm when offering a full blown feature. There is only one single challenge marrying the excitement, which is the need for a Chrome Canary on your android device. You will have to install it if aiming to use the copyless paste feature.

Google’s Vulnerability

Google’s Vulnerability

This has come in light of the vulnerabilities that Google is facing most especially hacking of specific domains and phishing of confidential and other private information from secure sites. These attacks are as a result of hackers preparing similar domains with the secure ones and asking for information that one would enter on a specific secure domain replaced by a fake domain designed to phish out your information.


With such a feature, you are able to discern secure and unsecured internet location reducing the chances of your information being phished out. In addition, you are assured of better copy and paste functionality that is less troublesome and challenging as the original one. Furthermore, with the new chrome versions and the new feature on your device, you will be able to visit legitimate and authentic sites if searching for specific information.

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