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Crescent Bay Brings Out The Best In Virtual Reality

What makes virtual Reality gadgets tick is their ability to fool your body and mind into thinking that you are actually in a virtual world. The effect should be so real as to cause bodily reactions.


That’s what Oculus Rift seeks to deliver with its latest prototype called Crescent Bay. This device is an evolution of the DK2 headset that only recently began making its way into the hands of developers.

Oculus Rift revealed its first prototype almost two years ago at CES 2013 and since then there has been a lot of improvements. The improvements have culminated to the design of the current Crescent Bay which gives a near-perfect virtual reality experience.


The prototype is hand-built and its hardware is surprisingly well put together. Oculus went for a plastic chassis with nylon straps to snugly fit into the user’s melon, rather going for the traditional ski goggle strap.

The Crescent Bay has integrated headphones attached to the frame meaning no external headphones are necessary. It is also light making it quite comfortable to use.


Crescent Bay works using a new in-house constructed camera mounted on the wall and there is a tiny sensor studding the front and back of the goggles. It has 360-degree depth and head tracking in about 1.5 m square space. These make the user to explore the virtual environment as though they were in real life.


The gadget has some shortcomings, though. When you are moving your head from side-to-side or squatting then standing up, you will notice some tearing and juddering in the objects in your virtual environment. But these little glitches will not prevent you from feeling fully immersed in the virtual environment.

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