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Customer Satisfaction survey reveals Comcast and Time Warner Cable scored the lowest

Comcast and Time Warner Cable are in the midsts of trying to merge, but everyone on the Internet and even the Justice Department has taken interest in the merger and is actively trying to stop it from happening.

In one of the largest surveys in the United States, we got a look at just how unhappy customers were from Comcast and Time Warner Cable, ranking them the lowest in customer satisfaction out of any service, even below United Airlines, Bank of America and Sprint.

Both Comcast and Time Warner Cable scored below 60 out of 100 and were the only two companies in the United States to hit below that mark, pretty impressive considering the dire service United Airlines and Sprint offer to consumers.

This just goes to show the hatred for the two companies, who are actively working to make sure they stay out of each others neighbourhoods and keep prices even so customers never find a better deal elsewhere.

The $45 billion deal by Comcast could be one of the worst moves, but it is sort of true that the two companies don’t compete at all right now, making it almost like just a merger of two really awful companies into one huge company hated by everyone.

There may be light at the end of the tunnel, we are starting to see Google take more of an interest in Fiber expansion and some cities are getting their own municipal and public fiber for a cheaper price, forcing Comcast and Time Warner Cable to up the speed or lower the price.

What we really need is a big push in fiber optics and making sure customers know they can get better service. Cable and Phone might be two areas for improvement, but as we start to move to more Internet TV and less landline, Comcast and Time Warner Cable might gradually weed out as better services come in.

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