Doorbot Review: Does It Provide House Safety & Convenience?

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Last Updated: Sep 23, 2016

Doorbot is a Wi-Fi-enabled video doorbell which allows the owner of the house to see and talk with his or her visitors from any part of the world. This product allows people to see and speak with their visitors using a tablet or a smartphone from within the house or even far away, at any part of the world. It has an in-built rechargeable battery. But some models lack rechargeable battery, instead they draw power from the existing wiring of the doorbell. The process of setting up a Doorbot is very easy and quick because it takes a few minutes to mount and synchronize. It works with both iOS and Android operating systems. It was launched in 2012.A Doorbot has other exciting features like; adjustable camera angle and night vision. The complete set up of Doorbot costs $158.98 only.

Manufacturer Information and its Claims about Doorbot

The founder of Doorbot is Jamie Siminoff. Doorbot, the company that made this device rebranded and is today referred to as Ring. Ring is a very popular company worldwide because it produces unique top performing devices that are so effective in the way they function.

How Does Doorbot Work?

When a person rings the Doorbot at any time, an alert pops up on all the devices connected to the Doorbot. Through the smartphone or tablet the owner of the house can see and speak with the visitor from any part of the world.

Doorbot Features

Doorbot has the following important features; dual power, can pair multiple devices, works from anywhere, camera rotation, weather resistant, detailed speech, theft guarantee and quick and easy setup

Doorbot has dual power system: this device can either use power from the internal battery. The internal battery is rechargeable. It can also get power from the wiring system of the doorbell. In this case, whenever the Doorbot rings, the doorbell rings too.

Working from anywhere:
Doorbot can connect the smartphones and tablets from any distance provided there is Wi-Fi connection. You can respond to conversations either from within the house or even when outside and many miles away from the house.

Has quick and easy setup. Installation and synchronization of Doorbot takes a very short time. It does not require special technical knowledge and skills. There are no sophisticated tools used in the mounting process.

It is weather resistant: this device has been made in such a way that it is resistant to all kinds of atmospheric conditions such as rain, humidity, extreme heat, ice, snow or even sleet.

Doorbot can pair up multiple devices: I t can connect unlimited number devices, that is, smartphones and tablets. It sends a signal to all the connected devices in case there is a visitor.

The device has theft guarantee: In case Doorbot is stolen, another piece of the same kind will be installed at zero cost.

Has camera rotation:
the angle and position of the camera can be adjusted to lie in a particular configuration.

Night vision: has infrared LEDs that allow the cameras to capture high quality videos even at night.

Doorbot Benefits

  • It is easy and quick to setup Doorbot.
  • Conversations can be handled from any distance between the door and the connected devices.
  • It offers safety when you are in the house. It can easily notify of crime before things worsen.
  • It also offers convenient when one is far away from the house.
  • Has theft guarantee. If stolen another one is given for free.
  • One can easily review the video conversations in case verification is needed.
  • It weather resistant.
  • Has a one year warranty.
  • It records and transmits high quality HD videos and audios.
  • You can never miss a visitor with this device.

Doorbot Drawbacks

  • It is very expensive. Cloud based recording is also too expensive.
  • It cannot operate without Wi-Fi network.
  • It has only covers an angle of 1800 hence the other areas outside its plane of focus may not be covered.

Doorbot Precautions

DoorBot should be protected from water, that is, rain, sleet, snow, humidity or ice.

Final Verdict

This Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell is the most convenient device as it allows one to talk and even see a person at the door through tablet or a smartphone. It is a device that has helped users to combat crime and even avoid inconveniences. The owner has no worries about the device being stolen because the company replaces with another one immediately. The cameras, microphone, LEDs and other components of Doorbot are resistant to the weather elements such as rainwater and extreme heat. Very few electronics can resist such. With Doorbot power is not an issue because there two power options; internal rechargeable battery or external wiring system of the doorbell. Doorbot possess so many qualities that rate it as the best electronic device that grants safety and convenience to the user.

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