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Download These 9 iPhone Apps Free for a Limited Time

Developers are giving away amazing iPhone apps for free. This will help you save a total of $38. The developers haven’t announced until when they will be offering these apps for free.

  1. Cycloramic. This app for iPhone 6 is $1.99, but it is currently for free. This makes taking panoramic photos and videos to the next level. 
  2. GifBoard Keyboards. This is $1.99 but is currently for free. With this you can customize your keyboard, putting images and GIFs on the background.
  3. WeatherWheel. This is $0.99, but is currently for free. This fun app lets you spin the wheel as you experience the weather change.
  4. TinyScan Pro. This is $4.99, but is currently free. It allows you to scan documents, receipts, photos and almost everything else.
  5. Bitmap. This is normally $0.99. This gives you an idea of all the countries in the world where you can trade Bitcoin.
  6. Raven. This is normally $0.99. This is a fun super arcade game that lets you fly with the amazing Raven.
  7. Shares 2. This is normally $4.99. This allows you to understand your stocks portfolio easier.
  8. Benjamin Wings. This is an incredible and upgradeable Jet-Wing game. This is normally $19.99, but for a limited time, you can get it for free.
  9. Add Me in. This makes selfies easier. This is normally $0.99.

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