Ampy will charge your gadgets as you exercise or move

Not many people are aware that body movement can be converted to electrical energy. There is a new Kickstarter project that has created a wearable battery pack called Ampy that can convert kinetic energy of human to electrical energy which it uses to charge smartwatches, smartphones and other USB-powered electronic devices.

Ampy is small enough to slip into your pocket or strap to your arm. It can generate for you about three hours of smartphone life you cycle for one hour, run for 30 minutes or walk about 10,000 steps.

The intensity of action and the placement of the gadget on your body factors into the amount of energy produced, so this amount will vary per activity and per person.


For those who are always close to power source, Ampy can be more about motivation than convenience. The fact that they are aware that their motion or exercise can have some benefit might be more likely make them to bike to work or go for a run.

Ampy also has an optional app that can tell you the amount of energy you have generated, the approximate hours of smartphone battery life you have earned and the number of calories you have burned. All these can motivate you to exercise.

Ampy is a kinetic charging system that is three times smaller than the commercial kinetic chargers. It can store about a week’s worth of physical activity. It has a 1000mAh battery and measures 2.5 x 2.5 x 0.75 inches. The battery can not fully charge a smartphone, though.

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