CardMobili Announces New Update to Digital Wallet Platform

European digital wallet company CardMobili has announced a new update to its platform, going across the board on all its different supported operating systems, to further improve the structure and create a dynamic and customisable platform for merchants.

The latest version of the update has extended functionality and brings dynamic digital wallet solutions and associated M|Products. CardMobili does not just offer a simple front end, but a complete tool-kit of features and functionality.

CardMobili has been in the business since 2009 and has continued to grow the digital wallet platform out, offering services from the ground up, including security, back-end servers and tons of front end features to make a platform more secure and dynamic.

Already, the digital wallet company has a lot of support from application developers, who use the platform as a way to offer digital payment services. The simplicity of the platform is what really draws in a lot of merchants, who see the back-end offer as a better way to support consumers.

Mobile payments have been a hard market to crack, especially with the vast amount of players in the industry offering their own type of mobile payment solution, even Google and Apple have made their own first party APIs for developers to pick up.

CardMobili is one of the oldest players, back in 2009 when they announced their digital payments service, Amazon and other companies were just getting to grips with mobile payments and how they could be the future of their business, drawing in almost half of all customers.

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