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Last Updated: Sep 17, 2016

Among all other cigars in the market, Davidoff cigar is one of the most highly priced cigars. The differentiation in this product is so high, with the unbeatable quality in terms of appearance and taste; smokers across the world do not at all hesitate to pay the premium price for this.

While talking about the premium cigars, there are plenty of options available in the market. However, for any cigar lover, the money the person pays for the cigar must commensurate the flavored psyche of the person. If that requirement is not fulfilled, then the value for the price paid can never be achieved. If the price of the cigar is premium, then the taste or flavor of that cigar must also be premium, along with the quality of the tobacco, and the range of the product, so that the cigar lover can choose the most preferable option for him.

Given this conditional aspects, one of the most premium priced cigar in the market is the Davidoff cigars. This brand is the legacy of Zino Davidoff, and the history of this cigar can take you back in 1946. His parents were in the cigarette manufacturing business, and he carried forward that legacy with him. Starting from that point, till now, Davidoff has been proving to be the heartthrob of millions of cigar lovers, in spite of its premium price. After all, who doesn’t want a value for money?

There are several reasons, because of which Davidoff has been premium priced. Following are some of those reasons:

  • Classy Appearance
    Classy Appearance
    The first impression is sometimes the last impression. This cigar comes with a yellowish tan, sand tinted packaging swathed with a number of silky streaks. Before lighting it up, its smell really attracts the smoker, and it can literally take one to the valleys of Cibao. This visual and olfactory impression leaves the smoker with the flavors of the best dried tobacco of the Dominican Republic.
  • Customized For Smokers
    Unlike the existing cigars in the market, Davidoff cigars provide the users with a wide range of options, so that the smoker can choose the best option in accordance with his taste and preference. The flavors can range from hard and very hard to smooth and very smooth. However, there are some common features in all the brand of this cigar, which have made this class apart.

    While smoking a piece of this cigar, one can feel a wide range of flavors, which will appear one after another. After lighting up, the first flavor comes as the mildewed earth flavor, which is a signature flavor of this cigar. During the course of smoking, the user can feel the flavors of mushroom. At the heart of the cigar, there is a prevailing oak flavor, with a rich sugariness, which is blended with a soft spicy pepper flavor.

    Till the smoker reaches midway, the sugariness gets transformed into a creamy flavor. With the duration of time, the smooth buttery flavor turns into a sweet and piquant flavor of cinnamon.

    By the end of the cigar, the sugariness gradually grows fainter, and the spicy flavor changes its color, from cinnamon to ginger. By the time the smoker is about to finish the cigar, a very startling cherry flavor comes up, which literally can steal the show.

  • Made To Celebrate The Moment
    With such a huge range of flavors embedded within the Davidoff cigars, and that too with a high range of varied tastes and preferential alternatives, this is a perfect choice for any celebrating moment. If you want to enjoy your best friend’s wedding, if you want to celebrate your first wedding anniversary, or if you want to enjoy your daughter’s marriage, this is the product, you will be looking for.

Given such a varied number of options, this product can make your day like nothing else. That is the reason this product is priced so heavily. And why not, if someone wants to find the value for money for the purchased cigar.

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