Dell’s Latitude 12 E5250: What’s New in This Device?

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Last Updated: Dec 31, 2015

Dell has been releasing all kinds of notebooks and we must admit that the “Dell” brand name means quality in this category of machines. The company has been in business for more than 10 years, they were the ones who made one of the first laptops in the market. In this article, we will review one of their newly released machines, the Dell Latitude 12 5000.

Basic Information about the Device

The Dell Latitude 12 5000 is a laptop that has been made seriously on business purposes. Dell has been already making notebooks for businessmen since the company wants to attract more of those people, since they all need laptops for their works. Business notebooks’ priorities should be to be fast instead of being slow, since if a businessman is either using the device for their work at a firm, however, they could trade currencies or stocks too. I’m really sure that they don’t want to be late on the selling or the buying of equities or foreign currencies. So, the computer should be as fast as possible with a fast central processing unit and tons of ram. Secondly, a business laptop should be comfortable, ergonomic, so the one who is doing the business can use the gadget with ease and it is a good thing for him or her to feel comfortable while doing his or hers job. The last criteria a business class notebook should meet is long battery power. Business people travel a lot, so they have to keep the batteries of their devices near close to the maximum since if any of them runs low it could affect their works. Just imagine that a businessman’s laptop’s battery runs low when he is showing a presentation for the corporate directors. You don’t really want that to happen to you since it could cost your career if you are lucky only your reputation lowers when this situation happens.

The Look and Design

Since this is a machine that has been designed for strict business purposes, it won’t really have any stylish designs. The laptop is pretty strong too, very sturdy with pure aluminum, so it won’t really break when in a car on a train and you have to put the device down to a surface. Despite the device’s sturdiness, it doesn’t weigh that heavy since the notebook only weighs 1.17 kilograms. That’s a weight that I think everyone can bear comfortably. Let’s advance to another section of this review, the hardware.

Specifications and Price

The cheapest version of the device costs 930 bucks, which is a correct price since business laptops really cost much nowadays. For this price, the gadget comes with an Intel i3 5010U central processing unit and a 500GB hard disk. Also, there is 4GB DDR3 Ram included along with a 1,366 x 768 13.3-inch WLED display. The specifications seem to be fine, however, the CPU is the one thing that I am complaining about. As I have said before in this article, the central processing unit has to be pretty strong, since business people do not tolerate lags and other issues regarding to a slow device, so they really want to make the device fast. However, an Intel i3 5010U processor only has 2 cores, which is not the luckiest thing to do when manufacturing a notebook for businessmen. Of course, you can buy an upgraded version of the laptop, which comes with an Intel i5 processor. However, for this price, you can easily buy another gadget from another manufacturer, which costs a lot less. For example, Lenovo, who have been one of the biggest competitors for Dell because of the price and quality combination that the company is offering for its customers, is offering notebooks that have the same specifications, if not better, on a much better price.


The device seems solid, however, the price-quality ratio is not so good. You can easily find a machine that has the same specifications on other parts of the market. The only good deal that you can do regarding this gadget is if you buy an upgraded version with a 4 core Intel i5 central processing unit.

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