Earin removes the need for wires with new wireless earbuds

Earin, a new startup compromised of ex-Nokia and Sony Ericsson employees, has launched its first Kickstarter for new wireless earbuds. The earbuds, named Earin, are one of the first of their kind, not needing the normal earbud to audio jack wire to be able to play music from the user’s smartphone to the earbud.

The Kickstarter launched four days ago and has already surpassed its first goal of £179,000, currently sitting at £325,000 with 34 days to go. The Earin costs £119 on Kickstarter and will retail for £159 once they finish the Kickstarter, two early bird options already sold out, surpassing 3000 backers.

Instead of connecting the audio cable into the mobile device, user’s will simply pair the Earin with the mobile device through Bluetooth. The team already has a prototype ready and has designed a container to charge the two earbuds once they are running out of juice, we have no estimates on how long the battery will last.

The team has been working on Earin since early 2013 and finally is prepared to launch the product. On Kickstarter the backers will apparently receive the earbuds with the capsule on January 2015, giving the team around six months to finish up the campaign, get addresses prepared and start manufacturing all of the Earin units.

Wired earbuds have always been an annoyance that users have had to deal with and we are glad to see Earin is making a change in this area. We wonder if this will spur on other companies like Samsung, HTC or even Apple with their new acquisition of Beats Electronics to make wireless earbuds as a choice for their users.

Wireless accessories are becoming more common on mobile devices, wireless charging will apparently come to the iPhone 6 and is already available on plenty of high-end Android devices, wireless earbuds might be the next step in removing all the wires.

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