Electronic Hobby Projects Live Chat Friday, April 18

As in the past, the scheduled live online chat due on Friday, April 18, appears to be a rip-roaring fun-filled, rollercoaster ecstatic conversation full of thrust-and parry ideas. It will be a fun moment for the majority.

It will be conducted by your favorite host. The main agenda during the conversation will be all to do with electronic hobby projects. We will be discussing about the projects that are racing along including the Bodacious Acoustic Diagnostic Astoundingly Superior Spectromatric (BADASS) Display.

We have already selected the display technology. In the next blog on this topic, we shall be looking for the ways in which we will be performing the spectrum analysis and extract the amplitudes of the several frequency bands.

Next, we shall look on the Pedagogical and Phantasmagorical Inamorata prognostication Engine. With the brass panels back from machine shop, we spent a week to prepare a jig for these panels while connecting everything up and making trial on their algorithms.

The two are not the exclusive ones. It is apparent that all members of the EE Times community are coming up with different types of attention-grabbing projects. For example, there is EE Times blogger Adam Carlson (who also go by the name aeroengineer). Adam is amechanical engineer, who has intriguing ideas of designing and building electronic communication and control systems. He currently works with aerospace industry, but his electronic gadgets are meant for use by submarines. That sounds a little funny.

electronic hobby projects

Our chat, which works like using similar instant messaging systems but through the use of a web browser, will start at 1.00 p.m. ET (10 a.m. PT). From these clues, you can work out your local time by using the handy-dandy time zone converter.

All you need to do is click here at the fitting time and join the fun and share your opninions. Register now if you are not a member of the EE Times community.

It will be a great chat and we are hoping that you will be in a position to join.

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