First experience of Android L available on Nova launcher

Android L brings a whole lot of new changes, especially to the design of the Android interface. The Android L preview is only available to certain smartphones and requires a bit of technical skill, but in the meantime Nova launcher is available.

The new Nova launcher update offers the Android L design, alongside the same features previously available on Nova launcher. This is not available on third party apps, for that users will have to download the official Android L preview.

Nova is available for free and there is a premium option for $4 Prime, offering customisable gestures, unread counts above app icons, and the ability to hide apps. The free option does include the Android L redesign for Nova and it doesn’t take much knowledge to download Nova.

Once Nova launcher is installed, look for the settings menu and select ‘folder,’ followed by ‘folder preview,’ the option ‘Line’ will be available, allowing users to add Android L’s uniform folder design, a new feature available only on Android L.

Another feature to check out is in the ‘Look and Feel’ setting in the menu, App Animation is an option and will make apps slide up from the bottom to top when opened, this function will happen in reverse when users decide to close the application.

There are other options available for a better Android L experience, for icon design, the Moonshine icon pack offers 385 icons, redesigned to take on the flatter interface on Android L, the design language is not official, but works well.

Android L keyboard has also been ported by various developers and hackers, Shen Ye’s option is available for free. The new keyboard has various new functionality and has a changed aesthetic, opting for a flatter and more colorful look.

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