Google gifts Cardboard VR headset in their I/O goodie bag

Google’s Head of Android and Chrome, Sundar Pichai, ended the Google I/O conference by announcing a few goodies for the attendees. Alongside the LG G Watch and Moto 360 smartwatch, Google also announced #Cardboard.

Pichai pushed it out as a joke that a small group had been working on for a few hours, creating an actual VR headset from cardboard, a few lenses and a smartphone, running the Cardboard app.

It almost felt like a stab at Facebook and Sony, who have spent billions invested in virtual reality and understanding how gaming and interfaces will work on the Oculus Rift and Morpheus headset.

Google has been able to compile the same sort of technology using a do-it-yourself cardboard kit and gave one out to free to every attendee at Google I/O. We are not sure if this means anything in the future to do with VR, our guess is Google Glass will suffice for now.

The few that have got to test the cardboard VR headset out say while the headset is immersive and offers movement controls to move through the smartphone, it does start to feel a little weird after a while, multiple reports of headaches and eye strain.

This is common on products that are made as a joke and we are sure if Google wanted to make this serious those Q&A areas would be fixed before release. Google Glass has been referenced for potential eye-strain problems, but currently no evidence has been found.

Google announced a lot of new things for Android at Google I/O, including the new version of their mobile OS, called Android L. The update includes a complete redesign to the UI, called Material Design, alongside new notifications and recents.

Android Auto and Android TV were announced as new SDKs for cars and TVs, alongside more information on Android Wear and the devices coming this Summer.

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