Here’s an Overview of the Ivee Sleek

Issuing voice commands to mobile devices is the in thing nowadays. From thermostats to smartphones, the list is endless.

When you are looking for a device that can efficiently help you issue these voice commands the Ivee Sleek is the ultimate answer to your search.

It is the first Wi-Fi voice-activated assistant for the home that obeys commands, answers questions and controls other Internet-connected devices.

Ivee Sleek is designed to function as a tabletop clock and has added advantage of having 33 voice-activated functions. It is able to control many home automation devices including, Hue Lights, Nest thermostat, WeMo-enabled devices, etc.

Ivee Sleek

It has a very nice form-factor. The built quality is quite impressive. It is very sleek with minimal number of buttons and dials. It has a large LED display which makes it quite easy to read.

To set up the unit, you have to first plug it in then connect it to your Wi-Fi network. Next you need to set a user account at Ivee.com then pair the device with your account. You can then grant the clock access to your various other IoT devices. At all these stages you will be required to say “hello Ivee” to activate it before issuing voice commands.

On the flipside, the device requires that you have to be within 3 and 10 feet for it to respond to your commands, and even so, you have to talk loudly because it does not respond to soft commands. And Ivee will only ‘understand’ a specific set of commands.

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