HP debuts 3D printing with multi jet fusion

HP has made its long awaited move into the 3D printing field. The company revealed Wednesday the Multi Jet Fusion technology that will power new 3D manufacturing and commercial printers. Unfortunately, the machines using its technology won’t be widely available until 2016.

HP debuts 3D printing

Hewlett-Packard claimed this new 3D printing technology is 10 times faster than the existing 3D printers. It also said it is more affordable, faster and prints stronger products.

With all these improvements, HP hopes the machines using this technology will make 3D printing to be much more widely adopted than it is today. But as stated earlier, you will have to wait until 2016 before you can lay your hands on these machines. Some sample products printed using this technology were displayed at a New York event.

HP also announced a new desktop computer that works as a dual-screen creative console. The computer that it called Sprout has its own projector and a 3D capable scanner.

The Wednesday’s announcement comes just 3 week after the company revealed its plans to split into two companies: Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and HP Inc. the former will focus on government and business software while the latter will focus on printing and PCs. The split is to be completed by the end of October next year.

Stephen Nigro, an HP senior vice president said that as they examined the current 3D print market, they saw a great deal of potential and also major gaps in the combination of quality, speed and cost. He added that Multi Jet Fusion is designed to transform manufacturing across industries due to improved quality and productivity from what is already offered today.

This new technology, according to HP, builds and entire surface area rather than building one point at a time thus substantially speeding up 3D imaging. HP also plans to develop new 3D printing materials using ceramic, color and metal. The Multi Jet Fusion currently prints in fused nylon, to an accuracy of 20 microns.

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