Intel Updates New Announcements to PC crowd at GDC 2014

Intel came to GDC to talk PC and almost trash the conventional PC for smaller business opportunities and All-in-Ones, saving it at the end when they announced some hardcore high-end CPUs for gamers.

The All-in-One is what Intel is targeting for consumers, adding new power management tools to make sure an inactive computer is saving energy. Intel will also make it easy to port different operating systems on top of Windows through dual-booting, hinting at Android and Chrome.

This has been the talk of 2014 and Microsoft does not like it, Google’s two operating systems are open source, although Chrome OS has a lot of different terms and conditions partners have to follow, least of which is making a cheap device under a certain price point.

Android, on the other hand, can easily be ported onto All-in-One’s and used as a secondary operating system for users who wishes mobile experience on the PC. Microsoft has already hit ASUS for trying this out, but Intel is only supporting the idea, not pushing out products.

Intel then moved on to smaller PCs for businesses, moving away from the classic room full of desktop towers and wires running under the floor, to machines powered by a chip the size of a Raspberry Pi, the small open source developer unit.

Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme VersionWe then got a look at the new high-end processors for gamers and high-end PC users, these include the “Extreme Edition” Core i7 processor, with an 8-core chip and the first support the new faster DDR4 memory.

Broadwell was also mentioned as the next step up from Haswell at the GDC event. Haswell brought GPU performance up to speed along with good amounts of battery life, we believe Broadwell will offer a more complete solution on the board along with new manufacturing processes to make the chip smaller.

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