Motorola reveals temporary tattoo that will unlock Moto X

Motorola wants to change the way people unlock their phones, instead of using a passcode or voice recognition. The recently acquired company is looking to add temporary tattoos, which allow the user to unlock the phone quickly.

The tattoo has sensors inside, allowing the Moto X smartphone to recognise it is the user and unlock the phone immediately. This will bypass normal passcode protection, but for anyone who does not have the tattoo, they will still need to try the passcode.

Motorola partnered with VivaLnk to develop this temporary tattoo. The NFC circuit is implemented inside the tattoo and will work for around five days, perhaps a little more if the user doesn’t go swimming or running. 

The temporary tattoos will be sold in 10 packs for $10, meaning users can buy a month and a half of security for $10. This might be interesting for security nuts, but for the average person it is questionable whether they will spend money on mobile security.

Currently, the Moto X is the only device the temporary tattoo will work on, vastly degrading the amount of users that can try it out. In the future, we might see this become a thing, but we expect there will be easier and cheaper ways to secure a smartphone.

Vivalink is currently selling the tattoos on their own website, Motorola has not added it onto their own store.

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