Nexus program won’t be killed off in favor of Android Silver

Speaking to ReadWrite, Head of Android Engineering and the Nexus Program, Dave Burke, said that while there are new areas Google is looking to enter in the smartphone market, it doesn’t necessarily means the Nexus program will be going away.

Burke, referring to the rumors of Android Silver, said that even if these rumors were true, it wouldn’t mean the end to the Nexus program. This is almost a confirmation the Nexus program will continue and there have been rumors of next products coming in the next few weeks.

Android Silver looks to offer incentives to buy certain phones on Android over others, those that comply must run stock or near-to-stock Android, come with a cheap-ish price and use OEM guidelines. Google, in turn, will offer the phone with free replacements and other incentives for customers.

This new program will apparently function alongside the Nexus program, meaning the Nexus smartphones will surely get the Android Silver upgrade. This is good for Android fans, since they will be able to use a stock Android device and be rewarded by Google for buying it.

Google recently announced Android One at Google I/O, a new initiative to make sure OEM partners are using verified components for their Android devices. This will benefit Google’s manufacturing partners, but it might make it harder for startups to come into the business.

Either way, Google I/O showed Android’s long term strategy, taking over the living room, the car and even the wrist. Seamless integration with all of Android’s different SDK platforms and a new overhaul on the UI, called Material Design.

We will have to wait and see for more on the Nexus program and Android Silver, both of which were absent from the Google I/O event.

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