• Electronic Hobby Projects Live Chat


    Electronic Hobby Projects Live Chat Friday, April 18

    As in the past, the scheduled live online chat due on Friday, April 18, appears to be a rip-roaring fun-filled, rollercoaster ecstatic conversation full of thrust-and parry ideas. It will be a fun moment for the majority. It will... Read More

  • Electronic Medical Records


    If Doctors Don’t Like Electronic Medical Records, Should We Care?

    Dr. David Blumenthal, current head of the Commonwealth Fund, was put in charge by the Obama administration to spearhead a shift towards electronic medical records. During a Q&A interview for the April issue, David tells why the shift has... Read More

  • Intel Updates New Announcements


    Intel Updates New Announcements to PC crowd at GDC 2014

    Intel came to GDC to talk PC and almost trash the conventional PC for smaller business opportunities and All-in-Ones, saving it at the end when they announced some hardcore high-end CPUs for gamers. The All-in-One is what Intel is... Read More

  • NASA Tries To Repair Mars Orbiter From Long Distance


    NASA Tries To Repair Mars Orbiter From Long Distance

    NASA scientists and engineers are reportedly trying to fix a glitch on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which has been on an eight year mission in Mars’ orbit. The orbiter apparently put itself into safe mode and began working on... Read More

  • CardMobili Digital Wallet Platform


    CardMobili Announces New Update to Digital Wallet Platform

    European digital wallet company CardMobili has announced a new update to its platform, going across the board on all its different supported operating systems, to further improve the structure and create a dynamic and customisable platform for merchants. The... Read More

  • HTC Launches Mid-Ranged Smart Phones at The MWC 2014


    HTC Launches Mid-Range Smartphones at The MWC 2014

    After HTC One speculations were that HTC would launch its successor but to everybody’s surprise, it launched HTC Desire 816 and Desire 610 smart phones at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014. HTC Desire 816: This phone has a... Read More

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