Prosthetic Hand Is Changing Amputees Lives

Prosthetic appendages have been around for a considerable length of time helping amputees or those born without limbs get more use and mobility in their lives.

The act of attempting to bring about a significant improvement has prompted the Michelangelo Hand, simply affirmed by the FDA and now being taken off over the world.

The Michaelangelo is the world’s most technically innovative prosthetic hand.

Myoelectrics takes muscle development in the arm and moves that into electronic beats that make the hand move.

Ethan Kidder, 17, of Vermont, lost a hand while making firecrackers four years back. He has a standard, non-mechanical prosthetic he normally utilizes, however on Friday he was going for Michaelangelo.

“I would utilize (Michaelangelo) for indoor stuff and around the house stuff. And afterward when I have to go do something hard or, you know, lifting overwhelming things, I would utilize (the standard one). I would simply swap them out as I required them,” Kidder said.

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