Reviewing the Top 10 Best Chrome Books of 2016

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Last Updated: Sep 26, 2016

Unlike MacOS computers and Windows 10, great Chromebooks that perform excellently do not have to be expensive. Computers that make use of Google browsers are known to be both smart and quirky. In addition, they are capable with low impact. The best thing about them is that you do not have to spend so much. Here is a review for the top 10 best Chromebooks of 2016.

1. The Toshiba Chrome book 2

It makes use of Intel 5500 HD Graphics, Intel Core i3 -5015U 2.1GHz CPU, 4GB RAM and a storage of 16GB eMMC. Its connectivity is Intel Dual Wireless Band AC 7260, HD webcam camera, 4.0 Bluetooth and a weight of approximately 2.97 pounds. It is an excellent laptop with a few flaws. Its memory is much better and a display of 1080p. It is important to note that the Toshiba Chromebook is currently on Windows 10 laptop budget territory. It is the best there if you are buying it for Google ecosystem.

2. 2015 Dell Chrome book 11

The Chromebook 11 boasts of a 180 degrees reinforced hinge, trackpad, sealed keyboard and a rugged design. It provides a punchy laptop typing experience that is inside an excellent portable package. Additionally, if you are looking to use the Chromebook for your schoolwork, you will love its loud stereo speakers. This allows for quality volumes when watching your favorite videos. Similarly, consider looking for the newer version of the Dell Chromebook 11.

3. Asus Flip Chrome book

Asus Flip Chrome book
Although the Asus Flip Chromebook is not that perfect, it is very impressive. Additionally, it is extremely affordable making you need to have a Chromebook on your hands even if you own a Windows laptop or a MacBook already. Besides its excellent price tag, it is among the best Chromebooks ever built. Its touch screen functionality is great and feels more logical. It meets all the requirements of a great Chrome OS device and this includes a stellar battery life. If you are into Chromebooks, this is a must have.

4. The HP Chrome book 14

This is an amazing Chromebook with a rock-bottom price. It is an excellent option for people looking for a basic machine for web browsing. It offers a much bigger and better screen than that of Chromebook 2 from Toshiba. Moreover, it is way much cheaper. The screen is 14′ and is built better and a little more compact and good looking. It is a modest investment that will not strain your budget. In addition, it is friendly looking and responsive notebook.

5. The C910 Acer Chrome book

Compared to other Chromebooks, the C910 Acer Chromebook has a better processing power and a better screen although it is much costly. It has successfully taken the Chromebook experience to a whole new level. It is the first to possess a 15.6′ screen and also the one that introduced the 5th generation CPU Broadwells on Chromebooks. With its great visuals and a durable frame, it is specially made for teachers and students.

6. The 2015 Google Chrome book

This is among the few Chromebooks that appear to have themselves figured out. It has a superb built quality coupled with an excellent design. In addition, its vibrant screen is a plus as well as the trackpad and the tactile keyboard. These amazing features sumup the 2015 Google Chromebook as a premium and pretty package. It is an amazing Chromebook that is worth your investment.

7. The R11 Acer Chrome book

Although its design is not that alluring, its shell encloses a great laptop that can last the entire day. In addition, it is in a position to flip 360 degrees to form a tablet. The R11 Acer Chromebook comes with a long life battery, 360 degrees hinge together with a touchscreen and a punchy performance. Its subdued design is as well worth mentioning. It lacks an HD touch display and its trackpad is iffy. However, it is a perfect companion for both students and teachers.

8. The Acer Chrome book 13

This Chromebook is powered by a Tegra K1 chip from Nvidia. It packs so much punch in a small frame. You will appreciate its 1080p screen resolution and 13.3′ screen. Similarly,portability is something that will make you fall in love with this Chromebook. However, it has a few issues such as its inability to multitask, and the fact that it is only available in only one color.

9. C300 Asus Chrome book

C300 Asus Chrome book
After so many years of Chromebook refinement, you can finally have yourself better, bolder and bigger Chrome OS devices such as the C300 Asus Chromebook. It is 13′ and comes with a better and faster processor. Unfortunately, its TN screen is not that great when it comes to color reproduction. However, you will enjoy its battery life. It also has narrow viewing angles and one of the best performances when under pressure.

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10. The Lenovo N20p Chrome book

This is the most stylish Chromebook around. It showcases the lust for style by Lenovo. Some of its best features include a backward display and a 360 degrees hinge. Additionally, its touchscreen works excellently. However, there are a few struggles when it comes to its use as a tablet. This is because of the fact that its Chrome is not entirely created for touch. It is not the best idea if you are looking for a machine for work use.


Great Chromebooks stand out from others by their ability to run Chrome OS, which is an operating system that represents computing since the 90’s, your web browser and the internet. Additionally, Chrome OS has been introduced to android apps making it possible to enjoy the advantages of using two different platforms.

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