Samsung Set To Offer 128 GB Flash Memory To Mid-Range Smartphones

If you wanted a smartphone with a larger storage but could not afford the high-end smartphones then you now have a reason to smile. Samsung is set to offer a 128 GB memory card for mid-range smart phones. That is a big boost from the 16 GB internal storage that most mid-range smartphones currently offer.

Well, this going to make things a lot better in future as Samsung announced its new affordable 3-bit NAND-based flash memory storage which it aims to produce in mass for the smartphone market.

Note that this is not the same 128 GB flash memory storage that Samsung unveiled in February but is a new memory that is value-focused and is being made specifically for mid-range tablets and handsets.



This new eMMC 5.0 128 GB flash memory storage can deliver 260 mega bits per second for sequential data reading, up to 5,000 I/O operations per second for random write operations, and up to 6,000 I/O operations per second for random data read. These speeds are 10 times more than what the current SD cards offer.

Samsung says that this is enough for HD video processing as well as for advanced multi-tasking operations. The company hopes that, with the introduction of the new product, it can take the lead in the expansion of HD mobile storage.

Release Date

The company does not say when we will be able to actually buy mid-range smartphones and tablets with 128 GB of storage space. All we know is that it will probably happen soon, with Samsung-made devices likely being the first to offer such an impressive amount of internal memory.

Why Large Storage?

As your smartphone replaces your GPS navigator, MP3 music player, point-and-shoot camera, portable gaming device, and in some cases your portable video player, you are probably going to need a larger storage, and therefore it is something you have to think about whenever you are buying a new device.

When you run out of internal memory on your device, you’re forced to make some tough choices. Are you going to delete those videos from your last vacation or your kids’ first birthday pictures? Or you want to start getting rid of all those apps? All these are things that you hold dear and you may not want to lose. Think about what 128 GB storage can do to you!

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