SkyLock alerts owners when their bike is getting stolen

Combination locks and other physical ways to keep thieves away from stealing your bike have been used for decades now and even though some are persuaded from attempting to steal the bike, people will still try.

SkyLock offers a new way for owners to know if their bike is about to be stolen, using the connected bike lock the device to send alerts to the owner. The lock also works as a tracker, offering a way for the owner to get in contact with people in case of emergency.

The SkyLock has built in accelerometers and sensors to know if someone is tampering with the lock. If the owner is involved in a crash, it will send a message to the owner, if they don’t respond the lock will send an alert to three close contacts who will be notified on the situation and the GPS location.

Owners will not have to worry about SkyLock running out of juice, the creators have placed solar panels on the outside which keep the lock running and because of new low energy frequencies, the lock could last a few days without a single charge.

Currently, the creators of SkyLock are looking for $50,000 in funding on their website in order to make SkyLock a real product. The crowdfunding effort is about two thirds of the way there and only needs a few more donations.

This is another product that brings a real life issue and meshes it with technology. The likelihood of your SkyLock protecting the bike is high and making sure nobody ever tries to tamper with the lock makes it an even safer choice.

We are surprised SkyLock is not running the crowdfunding effort on Kickstarter or IndieGogo, where they are more likely to get exposure. It looks like they are doing fine of their own however, showing a lot of people want this gadget.

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