Nightlight Will Call Your IPhone When CO, Smoke Alarms Go Off

On Tuesday, Leeo introduced the Smart Alert Nightlight, a gadget that detects when the alarm sounds from a carbon monoxide or smoke detector and sends alert to an iPhone.

The $99 garget is about the size and shape of a coaster and plugs into a wall outlet. Apart form ‘listening’ to alarms, it also acts an illuminator.

The gadget uses its Wi-Fi connection when it hears an alarm to send a push notification to a free app running on an iPhone 4S or later. If the owner of the iPhone doesn’t respond, it will make a call.

If the call is not responded to, the device will work its way through a call tree of contacts that the user created for it to make sure someone knows the house may be on fire or is filling up with carbon monoxide.

IPhone When CO, Smoke Alarms

The Nightlight offers great value for money, since it requires no tool for installation.

“I think for a lot of people, anything that requires tools for installation is just extra work,” said Adam Gettings, the Leeo Chief Executive officer.

“The Nightlight is something you can plug into an outlet, and it takes advantage of what you already have. You’ve already got smoke detectors that you’ve trusted for years – brands that have been around, in some cases, 20 or 30 years – and there’s no reason to replace those if they work just fine,” he added.

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