TSA will not allow passengers on flights if their devices cannot turn on

In a move to counter terrorist threats, the TSA has announced passengers on flights to certain overseas airports may need to turn on all their electronic devices when going through searches.

This comes after news Al-Qaeda are starting to plant bombs in electronic devices. The insides of the electronic devices are removed in order to fit the battery inside, meaning the device will not power on.

Passengers who cannot show the device will turn on will go to advanced screening. The device will also need to be left in the airport. We are not sure if the TSA will offer charging areas, for passengers to try and get their device to work.

The TSA has confirmed this is a temporary measure to stop terrorism, but considering the body scanners were meant to be a temporary measure and lasted four years, we do not expect this will go away any time in the near future.

Electronic devices are starting to be allowed on planes, with WiFi offered on some flights. The new TSA security check does not stop users from having devices, it just insists that passengers have their devices turned on before going on the plane.

The U.S is not the first country to implement these new security checks, in Spain and other European countries, passengers must show their devices can switch on, before boarding the plane.

This can be a nuisance at the security points, especially when families do not know about the electronic checks. In an already slow environment, this could make the security checkpoint even more of a pain for passengers.

The TSA has never been a well liked organisation, often times going over the top with security. The TSA claims this is to eliminate real threats, but the generalisation of searches has made it look over the top.

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