7 Android Phone Settings Can Extend Your Android’s Phone Battery Life

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Last Updated: Apr 10, 2018

Android devices have become part and person of our daily lives. Actually, it is extremely difficult to go a day without your phone around. Each and every day we are on a constant look for the best android phone with great android phone settings that enable it to perform many functions. From playing music, communicating with friends, sending emails, taking photos, to helping you navigate to the workplace, an Android phone is an important device in today’s living.

However, Android comes with its disadvantages, one of the major ones is the android battery. Due to the many things your device is performing, the battery gets drained very fast making it impossible to have your device on for a day. We can blame this to the slow pace of inventing good android phone battery but also, we can blame our self for not using android phone settings that can help reduce battery consumption.

In this article, we are going to look at the android phone settings that are proven to extend your Android phone battery life. With these settings, you will be able to enjoy full functions of your phone. Wondering how to get to the settings that will improve the battery life of your Android device? Then read on to find out.

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Android Phone Settings to Boost Battery Life

The following are easy Android configurations and settings that are easy for anyone to perform. You don’t have to be a tech savvy or an expert to work these around. Though these may seem insignificant, they contribute a lot to fast android battery drain.

Change Screen Brightness

Change Screen Brightness

This is one of the common android phone settings that are mostly ignored. I know you might be wondering how to adjust screen brightness can save your battery. The truth is android phone screen consume the bigger percentage of your battery. To extend your battery life you need to reduce the brightness. Making it at least 50% will be a good thing instead of leaving it at 100%. Make sure that you can see the details on screen and you can also take this lower to about 30%. Auto brightness is also another great feature on the android phone that you can use, but does auto brightness save battery android? Yes, it does. For example, if you are in a darker place, the brightness will be reduced significantly to about 10%. If you spend most of your time indoors, then this feature can really save your battery. Are you wondering, how do I change the brightness of my phone? Its simple head over to Settings – Display – Brightness Level, here you can play around with the level that will suit your need.

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Crank Down the Whiteness

Another Android phone settings that will save your battery is getting rid of whiteness which contributes much in draining your battery. How do I make my phone screen darker? this is a question that most people ask. In most modern smartphones, they come equipped with a feature to make display darker. Most phones support many themes and therefore you can select a darker theme for your phone in order to reduce whiteness and extend your battery life.

Disable New-App Shortcuts

Disable New-App Shortcuts

You will find out that when you download an app from play store, a new shortcut is created on your phone’s desktop. These shortcuts can accumulate with time as you download more apps which can significantly drain your battery because these shortcuts are always active. It is advisable to delete all these shortcuts and disable their creation. This is available on your Play Store’s settings where you can untick the Add Icon to Home Screen for new apps setting.

Optimize Wallpapers and Themes


Anything related to display significantly consume battery power. A good example is shiny themes that most people install on their Android devices. Others include the live themes and wallpapers which drain the battery very fast. In order to boost your battery, you need to get rid of these, you can also get basic wallpapers and themes that won’t take up much battery power.

Turn on Power Saver

Turn on Power Saver

Android power saver is among the great android phone settings. This setting disables most features that consume power when your battery is low. In most Android phones, you will find an automatic battery saving option when your battery falls to a certain percentage. This allows you to save power by disabling services that you don’t need until you recharge your battery.

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Abandon Auto Synchronization

By default, your Android phone is set to automatically sync to cloud. Some of the things that are automatically synchronized include the settings, photos, messages, contacts etc. This process uses a lot of power and also internet connectivity. It is advisable to disable this auto-sync setting to save battery. How do I get to the settings? you might be wondering but it is very simple. For most android phones here is how to disable auto sync; head over to phone Settings – Accounts – Press the 3 dots in the top right corner and untick the auto sync button.

Shut Down Vibration

Shut Down Vibration

You might be wondering how this affects the battery consumption. Vibration is a great feature on the android phone that makes it possible for us to get notification or calls without missing them. This is especially when we are in the noisy environment and we can’t hear our phone ring. You can do away with this feature if you don’t spend most of your time in a noisy place. Other vibrations include the hepatic feedback, keyboard vibration, and touch vibrations. All these can be disabled in android phone settings to save power.

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Turn Off Things You Aren’t Really Using

By default, some of the android phone settings are turned on and in a real sense, you might not be in need of most of these. The most common ones include; WIFI, Bluetooth, location services, android backup and restore, mobile data, auto sync, etc. turning off these features will help in saving battery. Instead of having all of them run, you can turn them off and use them only when you need them. This is a good practice that will contribute to saving your phone’s battery.

Mobile data is also one of the battery drainers. Wondering what is mobile data setting on android? This is a feature that makes your device to be connected to the internet. Most people leave this on most of the time and thus draining the battery. Turning off mobile data will extend your phone battery’s life.


It is clear that most Android phone settings contribute much to fast battery drain. It is important to tweak these settings like the ones highlighted above in order to extend the battery life and at least have your phone on for a day or two. When this is done right, you will not need a battery booster to help save power.

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