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Expect to see bigger iPhones this fall

The screen size is one of the major, and perhaps the only, disadvantage of buying an iPhone over Samsung Galaxy. But now, Apple’s iPhone is expected to get bigger this fall, according to reports.

If reports get the facts right, China suppliers will start working on two new iPhone models, which is said to have bigger screen displays at 4.7 inches by 5.5 inches. This is a significant improvement to the phone’s screen, considering iPhone 5S and 5C only have 4-inch displays.

This is a move that would ultimately crush the smartphones of competing tech companies like Samsung, which has been developing mobile devices with bigger screen displays.

If these reports are accurate, the bigger version of the iPhone will be as big as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3. iPhone “phablet” will have a screen display that would be 5.7-inch wide. The new iPhone would even be bigger that Samsung’s S5 at 5.1 inches display, HTC One M8 at 5 inches, and the new Amazon Fire phone at 4.7 inches.

According to reports from Bloomberg, the new iPhone will reach the retails some time on September. It will also be thinner and rounder compared to its predecessors. This could be accurate because Apple usually launches its new iPhone on fall.

This would be the second time in a row that Apple has launched two phones. Just last year, the giant tech company released its top of the line iPhone 5S, and its more affordable version 5C.

Releasing these new products could be an aggressive strategy move for Apple who has been pressured to release new gadgets in 2014.

Besides the bigger smartphone, another highly anticipated product from Apple is their new smartwatch, which people expect to actually be smart, have longer battery life, and would have amazing connectivity.

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