Facebook With New Antivirus Partnership

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Last Updated: Sep 9, 2015

Facebook has become an absolute major force on the web that we know today and the most recent news tell an interesting, and most likely necessary move by the giant website to make its operations and those of its members more secure.

Facebook has teamed up with one of the best known antivirus companies in Kaspersky ( in order to improve its offering to users of the most popular social media site around. Indeed, during the last couple of years that made it have an even bigger impact on the mainstream, the website has also become a popular target when it comes to different schemes and malicious software. Additional efforts are then needed to keep the huge social network safe.

And this is where Kaspersky comes in through this partnership to help Facebook fight the bad content and threats no one wants to see on the social media site. In order to eliminate malware, the partnership has resulted in a background tool that further prevents these threats from impacting the navigation and the users’ computers.

New Pages and Initiatives

Then, one of the key elements put together in order to protect the users is how Kaspersky will use its huge database of URLs to know if the user is about to land in a spot that’s considered dangerous or fishy. Facebook is used by millions around the world to make suggestions, share links and pages, and Kaspersky will now enter into play to inform the user on when they should backtrack and what elements should be blocked. This should ensure that social media addicts feel more confident about what they find on the social network over time as well.

Information also plays a big role in having the users keep themselves safe, and a web page has also been put together in cooperation with Kaspersky to provide more tips on how to make it happen. It is considered as a key bookmark for the users who want to maximize their protection when it comes to the social network. The page includes both basic tips and recent news concerning security on Facebook. New and experienced users can then better their knowledge when it comes to their habits on the social network. Videos and images also help in bringing life to the page and Kaspersky will be working in the background to make sure that these tips and posts are as relevant and appear of time with what matters to Facebook users.

It’s now also relevant to follow the Kaspersky Twitter page as it will obviously contain some important security information when it comes to Facebook and to-the-minute updates of the things that could possibly be problematic. Phishing and trojans are among the things that Kaspersky are seeing as common threats to Facebook users. The security also recommends that users be aware of any likes, and posts that they haven’t made as that should mean that they would be due for a scan of their device.

The new scans will involve the user’s computer, which will most likely require a permission as all these kinds of things would require from a social network, and this way that would make the protection from threats even more complete. Threats found on social networks nowadays can also directly affect the user of his or her system, so this partnership with Kaspersky doesn’t looks like it will only involve web-only kind of threats.

Overall, this looks like a good initiative that users will be happy to hear about. Some people might be surprised that Facebook didn’t go for one of the other security giants like Norton or McAfee, but Kaspersky looks to be a good fit with the resources and explanations available so far. Real-time and specialized efforts are now required by social networks since they are so widely used that malicious people, groups and companies would go on there to place wrong links, trojans, malware or other threats that could potentially make the social network user want to quit the experience altogether. The work on Facebook’s end is not only to gain more users, but also keep those who are using the network the most and making the most of it, and Kaspersky looks to be the good candidate to keep the risk to a minimum. If you’re a user of the social network, it would now be wise to bookmark the different pages that Kaspersky and Facebook have set up for your information and safety, as they could become a good way to learn about new threats and means of protection quickly.

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