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Facebook’s new app may invade privacy

Most people fear the concept of how technology advancement allows people to step over another person’s privacy. One example is how Google Glass can simply record any conversation without people even knowing it. There are a lot of conservatives protesting against this technology.

The latest invasive technological advancement that is quickly becoming very controversial is Facebook’s new app.

Despite Snowden’s fight for the freedom and privacy by telling the world that the CIA is spying on other countries, it seems like Facebook has a new mobile app to make it easier for people to watch or “listen” to unsuspecting people.

Facebook recently announced a new feature that has a lot of users fearful for their privacy and even had others signing a petition to have the new application removed. It is ironic that Facebook is going against the trend, as privacy with technology is one of the leading issues of today.

This new feature lets users turn on a mobile app that allows Facebook to access the microphone of the users’ smartphone and listen to its surrounding. Through this, the social network can hear what music you are listening to and what TV show or Movie you are watching.

Plenty of users are creeped out by this new opt-in feature with over 500,000 people signing a petition from the to have this new quirk removed from the app.

The petition urges Facebook not to release the new app that listens to the surroundings of the users, including their conversations. This is a creepy and dangerous app, stated in the petition. Facebook said it will be responsible with this new app, but the petitioners said that statement couldn’t be trusted.

If will reach 750,000 signatures, then Facebook might actually listen to the petition.

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