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FBI Announces The Next Generation Identification System That Can Recognize Your Face

Have you ever been arrested in America? If so, chances are high that your criminal history and fingerprints are in the FBI’s Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS).

This is a very powerful system that is able to search for a particular fingerprint among 70 million samples in as little as half an hour.


But FBI thinks this is not enough. That’s why they have come up with its sequel, the Next Generation Identification System which is going to replace the IAFIS.

This new system is fully operational now some three years after its rollout began.

The NGI has much more in terms of features. For example, its Rap Back feature will provide notifications when people in positions of trust such as teachers or bank tellers break the law which may result in their authorities being revoked.


It also has an Interstate Photo system that will allow law enforcers to search for photos that are associated with criminal identities. This sounds brilliant, but privacy advocates don’t feel at ease with it for a host of reasons.

They cite as an example, the origin of these images. If you apply for a job that requires your fingerprints or photo to be takes, these details may end up in the NGI. Another concern is accuracy. They are not sure whether the NGI System will return accurate results because if that is not the case some may be victims of mistaken identity.


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