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For Only $500 you can Get A Dry-Cleaning Machine That Fits In Your Closet

Not every garment you peel off the laundry basket will be fit to put on. They might not smell fresh or they may be wrinkled. And that’s the problem Swash wants to solve for you. It is a laundry machine that will live in your bedroom and will help to freshen up your previously worn garments one at a time.

Swash is a project involving collaboration between Whirlpool and Proctor and Gamble. It is a stand-up machine that is a little bigger than men’s suit jacket.

Swash is very simple to use. You will just need to pull out a little vertical drawer, put your garment on the hanger and attach some clips at the bottom to pull it tout. You will then pop in a pod of special cleaning solution and after ten minutes your garment will be fresh again.
Click here to see how it works:

Swash is great in urban areas where people live in micro-apartments and water is scarce. Units of Swash are already being deployed in Delta Sky Clubs and some airports. If you want a unit you can get it at Bloomingdale for $500.

That might look a bit extravagant but it is simply a response to the realities of the ascendant re-wear lifestyle. Re-wearing garments in now a reality that no one can deny. Freshening them up before re-wearing can be a better and cheaper option to taking them for full laundry.


The idea that Swash needed to function in 10 minutes or less was settled on by Proctor and Gamble so that users could toss in a piece of clothing and have to it ready to wear by the time they are leaving for work.

One thing to remember, though, Swash doesn’t clean soiled clothes neither does it get out stains.

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